New Arising Christian Church

Sermon List


CD001God Changes His Workers, but Continues His WorkDeuteronomy 31:1-810/19/2008
CD002The Need of the Prophets2 Kings 4:38-4410/26/2008
CD003We Are Priests2 Peter 2:511/9/2008
CD004Remember Where You Were Before Jesus1 Peter 4:3-611/16/2008
CD005What Can I Repay God?Psalm 116:12-14 11/23/2008
CD006Choose for yourself This DayJoshua 24:14-28 11/30/2008
CD007Renewing Ourselves With GodGenesis 35:1-1012/7/2008
CD008Don't Lose Focus1 Timothy 4:13-1612/14/2008
CD009God's Love Toward MenJohn 3:1612/21/2008
CD010God Dwelt Among UsJohn 1:1-3, 1412/28/2008
CD011No Wall is Too High for GodJoshua 6:1-201/4/2009
CD012Gifts of the Spirit - Wisdom & Knowledge1 Cor. 12:1-81/11/2009
CD013Gifts of the Spirit - Faith1 Cor. 12:7-111/18/2009
CD014Gifts of the Spirit - Healings & Miracles1 Cor. 12:7-111/25/2009
CD015Gifts of the Spirit - Prophecy1 Cor. 12:7-112/1/2009
CD016Gifts of the Spirit - Discernment1 Cor. 12:7-112/8/2009
CD017Gifts of the Spirit - Tongues1 Cor. 12:7-112/15/2009
CD018Gifts of the Spirit - GivingRomans 12:6-82/22/2009
CD019Gifts of the Spirit - Showing MercyRomans 12:83/1/2009
CD020Gifts of the Spirit - Helps1 Cor. 12:27-313/8/2009
CD021Gifts of the Risen Christ and Their Purpose - part 1Eph. 4:7-113/15/2009
CD022Gifts of the Risen Christ and Their Purpose - part 2Eph. 4:12-163/22/2009
CD023I Need to Pause and Praise HimExodus 18:1-113/29/2009
CD024Anointed for BurialJohn 12:1-154/5/2009
CD025Have Faith in GodMark 11:12-14; 20-244/12/2009
CD026God Gives Freely to His OwnRom. 8:31-394/19/2009
CD027The Test Form the LordGenesis 22:1-144/26/2009
CD028Come to the Throne YourselfGenesis 25:20-265/10/2009
CD029Rejoice in Suffering, part 1Col. 1:24-275/17/2009
CD030Rejoice in Suffering, part 2Col. 1:25-275/24/2009
CD031EnvyNumbers 125/31/2009
CD032AngerEph. 4:26-276/7/2009
CD033Crisis Creates OpportunityGenesis 41:25-446/14/2009
CD034Follow My StepsEph. 5:1-66/21/2009
CD035God Wants to Dwell Among His PeopleRev. 21:1-46/28/2009
CD036His Ways Are Not Your WaysProverbs 16:97/5/2009
CD037Can I Trust You With My Blessings?Deuteronomy 8:10-187/12/2009
CD038Behind the VeilEx. 25,26,277/19/2009
CD039The Wisdom of Solomon1 Kings 3:16-287/26/2009
CD040I Need to Know Who He isHebrews 11:68/2/2009
CD041Jealousy Over UnbelieversPsalm 738/9/2009
CD042Fellowship With One Another1 John 1:78/16/2009
CD043Is Your Heart Troubled?John 14:1-68/23/2009
CD044When We Forsake God1 Kings 11:1-38/30/2009
CD045This is My Beloved SonMatthew 3:13-179/6/2009
CD046The Grace of GodEph. 2:8,99/13/2009
CD047I am BlessedPsalm 19/20/2009
CD048Do Not Worry About LifeMatthew 6:24-349/27/2009
CD049What I Go Through is for My GoodJames 1:1-310/4/2009
CD050He Knew All MenJohn 2:23-2510/11/2009
CD051He Created Me for PurposeGen. 1:26-2810/18/2009
CD052Don't Back DownJohn 21:1-810/25/2009
CD053Depression1 Kings 19:1-811/1/2009
CD054God IntervenedDaniel 311/8/2009
CD055There is a Season for EverythingEccl. 3:1-811/15/2009
CD056Showing Gratitude to GodPsalm 9511/22/2009
CD057Who is Holding Your Hand?Ex. 17:8-1611/29/2009
CD058Jesus is Our Great ShepherdPsalm 2312/6/2009
CD059The Power of GodIsaiah 40:21-2612/13/2009
CD060A Child is Given, part 1Isaiah 9:612/20/2009
CD061A Child is Given, part 2Isaiah 9:612/27/2009
CD062We Need to FastMatthew 6:6-181/3/2010
CD063We Try to Cover Our Sin1 John 1:5-101/10/2010
CD064God Has a Way of Humbling Us2 Chronicles 33:1-201/17/2010
CD065For Love's SakeRomans 13:8-101/24/2010
CD066Behind the Scene1 Samuel 17:38-401/31/2010
CD067We are Eagles…not ChickensDeut. 32:7-142/7/2010
CD068God Sees it AllEzekiel 1:5-142/14/2010
CD069Let Him Lead the WayEx. 33:1-172/21/2010
CD070He is Pruning MeJohn 15:1-32/28/2010
CD071The Fruit in the VineJohn 15:4-83/7/2010
CD072The House of the LordPsalm 1223/14/2010
CD073Do I Need to Forgive?Matthew 18:21-353/21/2010
CD074Palm Sunday, It's Time to RejoiceMark 11:1-93/28/2010
CD075He was Crucified But is Now AliveMark 16:1-144/4/2010
CD076Come, Take, and LearnMatthew 11:25-304/11/2010
CD077Communion with the Spirit2 Cor. 13:11-144/18/2010
CD078The Spirit is Our ComforterJohn 14:15-184/25/2010
CD079The Spirit is Our TeacherJohn 16:12-155/2/2010
CD080A Woman Standing in the GapJudges 4,55/9/2010
CD081Lord, Renew My MindRomans 12:1-25/16/2010
CD082Generation BlessingHebrews 7:4-105/23/2010
CD083We Are a Chosen Generation1 Peter 2:9, 105/30/2010
CD084Seek Heavenly ThingsColossians 3:1-46/6/2010
CD085We are Partakers of Christ's Suffering1 Peter 4:12-136/13/2010
CD086Carry Your VisionGenesis 28;10-156/20/2010
CD087They Were Concerned About the Future LifeMatt. 22:23-336/27/2010
CD088We Enjoy the Same Nourishement1 Peter 2:1-87/4/2010
CD089The Wound in the SoulMark 5:1-207/11/2010
CD090Which Kind of Spirit are We Dealing With?Eph. 6:10-127/18/2010
CD091These Signs Will Follow UsMark 16:15-187/25/2010
CD092PrayingColossians 4:2-48/1/2010
CD093Our Lifestyle Must Witness to the LostColossians 4:5-68/8/2010
CD094Freedom Involves Responsibility1 Corinthians 10:23-338/15/2010
CD095Interrupt My Life, Lord Pastor Allan Haywood 8/22/2010
CD096Who is God,part 1Gen. 1:18/29/2010
CD097Who is God,part 2Gen. 17:4, 18:39/5/2010
CD098Who is God,part 3Genesis 22:89/12/2010
CD099Who is God,part 4Exodus 15:269/19/2010
CD100Who is God,part 5Exodus 17:8-169/26/2010
CD101Who is God,part 6Leviticus 20:1-810/10/2010
CD102Who is God,part 7Judges 6:6,710/17/2010
CD105The Blood Was AppliedGenesis 11-1411/7/2010
CD106Who is God,part 8Jer. 23:5-611/14/2010
CD107Some Came BackLuke 17:11-1911/21/2010
CD108Who is God, part 9Pslam 2311/28/2010
CD109Who is God, part 10Ezekiel 48:3512/5/2010
CD110What to do When Under Attack1 Samuel 3012/12/2010
CD111Follow the StarMatthew 2:1-1212/19/2010
CD112They Did Not Believe in HimMark 6:1-612/26/2010
CD113How Do We Honor God?John 5:22-231/2/2011
CD114The Last PlagueExodus 12:1-131/9/2011
CD115Lord, Search My Heart2 Kings 8:7-151/16/2011
CD116The HeartProverbs 4:231/23/2011
CD117Guard Your LifeProv. 4:24-271/30/2011
CD118Wisdom Protects Our PathsProv. 2:1-92/6/2011
CD119I Have You in My MindPhil. 1:3-62/13/2011
CD120I Have You in My HeartPhil. 1:7-82/20/2011
CD121I Have You in My PrayersPhil. 1:9-112/27/2011
CD122We Are Anointed to Do GoodActs 10:383/6/2011
CD123The Flood is ComingGenesis 6:8-213/13/2011
CD124Fear God and Obey HimEccl. 12:8-143/20/2011
CD125Empty Me and Refill MeJohn 2:1-103/27/2011
CD126Developing a Servant's HeartPhil. 2:5-84/3/2011
CD127God Will Give You What is Yours1 Sam. 16:1-134/10/2011
CD128The Joy That Was Set Before HimHebrews 12:1,24/17/2011
CD129Pastor travelling to Ghana - Pastor Allan preaching 4/24/2011
CD130Testimony of Ghana Easter Convention 5/1/2011
CD131Praise the LordGen. 29:31-355/8/2011
CD132The Nobleman's SonJohn 4:43-545/15/2011
CD133The Man Child to be BornRev. 12:1-65/22/2011
CD134The Road to Suffering Leads to GloryHebrews 2:5-135/29/2011
CD135Seek the Giver, Not the Gift1 Timothy 6:11; 17-196/5/2011
CD136I Was There With YouJob 23:8-106/12/2011
CD137Father's LoveHebrews 12:5-136/19/2011
CD138At His PresencePsalm 16:116/26/2011
CD139I Am Passing ThroughPhilippians 3:20-217/3/2011
CD140I Want to Fly AwayPsalm 55:1-87/10/2011
CD141God is Still on the ThroneEzekiel 1:15-287/17/2011
CD142The Man Who PrayedColossians 4:12-137/24/2011
CD143They Became Faithful in ChristCol. 1:6-87/31/2011
CD144Satan is SneakyMark 1:23-288/7/2011
CD145Don't Look BackGen. 19:17-268/14/2011
CD146God Will Always Fulfill His Promises2 Samuel 7:1-179/4/2011


The Tree of LifePsalm 92:12-14



CD148He Came to HimselfLuke 15:11-249/18/2011
CD149God is Just, But Not FairExodus 16, 1-9, 16-189/25/2011
CD150Another Step AheadJoshua 10/2/2011
CD151I Am Changing From Glory to Glory2 Corinthians 3:12-1810/9/2011
CD152His Grace is Available for Us2 Corinthians 12:6-1010/16/2011
CD153There is a Price to Pay2 Corinthians 11:23-3310/23/2011
CD154Self-Promotion is TemporaryLuke 14:7-1411/6/2011
CD155Worshipping SymbolsNumbers 21:1-911/13/2011
CD156Wealth and Riches Belong to YouPsalm 112:1-311/20/2011
CD157No More Fear2 Timothy 1:711/27/2011
CD158Kingdom Mind-Set1 John 2:15-1712/4/2011
CD159How Do I See Myself?Mark 7:14-2312/11/2011
CD161The Spirit Will Overshadow YouLuke 1:34-3812/25/2011
CD162Be Relentless2 Kings 7:1-111/1/2012
CD163Abstain From FoodEzekiel 16:49-501/8/2012
CD164I am not Ashamed of the GospelRomans 1:16-171/15/2012
CD165I'm Not Going BackGalatians 3:1-51/22/2012
CD166Who's Messing With Your Mind?1 Peter 2:11-121/29/2012
CD167The Nation has Rejected the King1 Samuel 10:17-272/5/2012
CD168Lord, I Still Believe in YouJohn 20:24-312/12/2012
CD169Be Sober-Minded1 Peter 4:72/19/2012
CD170What do I Need to do While  waiting?1 Peter 4:8-112/26/2012
CD171Kingdom Connection Through PrayerExodus 3:9-123/4/2012
CD172Look Up and See the LordIsaiah 6:1-43/11/2012
CD173The Inward LookIsaiah 6:5-73/18/2012
CD174He Saw the NeedIsaiah 6: 8-133/25/2012
CD175If My People, Who are Called by My Name…2 Chronicles 7:12-144/1/2012
CD176Easter Sunday - Our Love Involves Sacrifice1 John 3:16-174/8/2012
CD177We Are Not Left in the GraveyardEphesians 2:1-64/15/2012
CD178Looking Down on PeopleLuke 7:36-504/22/2012
CD179Rebelling Against AuthorityEzekiel 28:12-194/29/2012
CD180Whoever Makes Himself AvailableActs 5:12-165/6/2012
CD181It's OK to Let GoExodus 2:1-105/13/2012
CD182SuddenlyIsaiah 48:1-35/20/2012
CD183The Witness of ScriptureJohn 5:37-475/27/2012
CD184God Wants His Children to ProsperPsalm 35:276/3/2012
CD185Faith & Obedience Should Lead to ProsperityPsalm 1:1-36/10/2012
CD186Financial Blessings are Promised to the RighteousPsalm 112:1-36/17/2012
CD187The Prosperity of the Wicked is Not LastingProverbs 1:326/24/2012
CD188Our God is a Debt-Cancelling God 2 Kings 4:1-77/1/2012
CD189Christ has Redeemed us From the CurseGalatians 3:13-147/8/2012
CD190God is in ControlGenesis 487/15/2012
CD191Fear and Torment1 John 4:17-197/22/2012
CD192Why Am I Suffering?1 Peter 4:14-187/29/2012
CD193Give Yourself to God to Be Used1 Peter 4:198/5/2012
CD194Jesus' Sacrifice Opens the Way to GodHebrews 10:19-258/12/2012
CD195Church BBQ 8/19/2012
CD196The Challenge of CrossingJoshua 38/26/2012
CD197Praying with ExpectancyActs 12:12-169/2/2012
CD198Entering Into the Glory ZoneHebrews 11:39/9/2012
CD199The Moving of the Spirit2 Samuel 5:17-259/16/2012
CD200We Must Worship Him in Spirit and in TruthJohn 4:19-269/23/2012
CD201A New Outpouring of Rain1 Kings 18:41-469/30/2012
CD202The Ministry of AngelsHebrew 1:1410/7/2012
CD203The Glorious DayIsaiah 6010/14/2012
CD204Seeing the GloryExodus 33:18 - 34:1-3510/21/2012
CD205The People Bring Their GiftsExodus 35:1-2910/28/2012
CD206The Lord Gives His GloryExodus 40:1-3811/4/2012
CD207Wisdom is All We NeedJames 1:5-811/11/2012
CD208The Intercession of MosesExodus 3211/18/2012
CD209We Have the Power of AttorneyJohn 16:2311/25/2012
CD210Learn from MeEphesians 5:1-212/2/2012
CD211We Reign in LifeRomans 5:1712/9/2012
CD212See Giants or Be GiantsNumbers 13:27-3312/16/2012
CD213Wonderful SaviorLuke 2:1-1412/23/2012
CD214Giants That Oppose You Are Made to Fall, part 11 Samuel 1712/30/2012
CD215Giants That Oppose You Are Made to Fall, part 21 Samuel 171/6/2013
CD216Giants That Oppose You Are Made to Fall, part 31 Samuel 171/13/2013
CD217An Example of EncouragementActs 11:19-261/20/2013
CD218An Example of GenerosityActs 4:36-371/27/2013
CD219An Example of AcceptanceActs 9:26-272/3/2013
CD220An Example of HumilityActs 11:25-262/10/2013
CD221An Example of LoyaltyActs 15:36-412/17/2013
CD222Christ and His Strength Lives Within usGalatians 2:19-202/24/2013
CD223The Fear of Making ItIsaiah 40:1-83/3/2013
CD224Unforgiveness ChildMatthew 18:21-353/10/2013
CD225The Easy Way OutMatthew 7:13-203/17/2013
CD226I Am Going On Top1 Cor. 9:24-273/24/2013
CD227Easter Sunday - It is Not Over YetLuke 24:13-353/31/2013
CD228God Will Keep His PromisesGen. 15:7-154/7/2013
CD229The Importance of the PastPsalm 78:1-84/14/2013
CD230Prove YourselfMatthew 16:1-44/21/2013
CD231God's Glory is Departed1 Samuel 44/28/2013
CD232If the Lord Had Not Been on Our SidePsalm 1245/5/2013
CD233Mother's Day - Rahab the HarlotJoshua 6:22-255/12/2013
CD234Caution1 Corinthians 10:1-25/19/2013
CD235I Cannot See Unless He Reveals1 Corinthians 2:6-125/26/2013
CD236Endure the PainHebrews 12:11-156/2/2013
CD237In HimEphesians 1:7-126/9/2013
CD238Father's Day - I am Not a FailureMark 16:7-86/16/2013
CD239He Has Sealed UsEphesians 1:13-146/23/2013
CD240The Spirit PraysRomans 8:26-276/30/2013
CD241He Calls Me OutJohn 5:247/7/2013
CD242Stop ComplainingPhil. 2:14-167/14/2013
CD243We Are Never Safe from Attack1 Cor. 16:12-147/21/2013
CD244Appointed TimeHabakkuk 2:1-47/28/2013
CD245We Must Worship Him in the Midst of DarknessHabakkuk 38/4/2013
CD246Only by the Grace of ChristColossians 3:12-148/11/2013
 Church BBQ 8/18/2013
CD247He Sees, Knows, and Wants MeLuke 19:1-108/25/2013
CD248Crazy FaithMark 2:1-129/1/2013
CD249I Am Born to do ThisNumbers 11:10-259/8/2013
CD250I Am His2 Cor. 5:16-219/15/2013
CD251He has Delivered UsColossians 1:13-149/22/2013
CD252By Him All Things Were CreatedCol. 1:15-179/29/2013
CD253Praying for Others1 Thessalonians 3:9-1310/6/2013
CD254Stop AccusingJohn 9:1-710/13/2013
CD255The Inner EyeEphesians 1:15-1810/20/2013
CD256AbandonmentPsalm 13:1-610/27/2013
CD257We Are at War2 Corinthians 10:1-611/3/2013
CD258They are Coming BackJeremiah 31:15-1711/17/2013
CD259Relationship Builds FaithJohn 11:1-4; 21-2311/24/2013
CD260The Offenses Will ComeLuke 17:1-612/1/2013
CD261Coming Out of Carnality1 Cor. 3:1-412/8/2013
CD262We Are Called to BelieveLuke 1:57-8012/15/2013
CD263Jesus Christ is DifferentMatthew 1:18-2512/22/2013
CD264I Need a Revelation From GodGenesis 30:22-4312/29/2013
CD265The Blessing of AbrahamGenesis 14:14-241/5/2014
CD266God is JealousNahum 11/12/2014
CD267God is JudgeNahum 21/19/2014
CD268God is Just Nahum 31/26/2014
CD269He Speaks in the StormActs 27:39-442/2/2014
CD270I Am a Priest1 Peter 2:52/9/2014
CD271I Am a KingRev. 1:5-62/16/2014
CD272How to Live and Move in FaithHebrews 11:12/23/2014
CD273I Am DifferentLuke 4:20-303/2/2014
CD274We Need a Spiritual BreakthroughEphesians 6:10-123/9/2014
CD275Which One Are You?Luke 8:5-153/16/2014
CD276Putting Our Desires Ahead of GodHaggai 1:1-153/23/2014
CD277They Were Looking BackHaggai 2:1-93/30/2014
CD278Fail to RepentHaggai 2:10-194/6/2014
HolidayPalm Sunday - HosannaMark 11:1-94/13/2014
HolidayGood Friday- Not My WillMatthew 26:36-464/18/2014
HolidayEaster Sunday - Blessed Are Those Who BelieveJohn 20:24-294/20/2014
CD279Special EncouragementHaggai 2:20-234/27/2014
CD280Building Up Relationship2 Corinthians 13:145/4/2014
CD281Mother's Day 2014 - He Hid It From Me2 Kings 4:8-375/11/2014
CD282The Four WindsEzekiel 37:9-105/18/2014
CD283You Have to FightActs 4:29-315/25/2014
CD284We Desire MercyMatthew 12:1-86/1/2014
CD285Yes I CanJoshua 146/15/2014
CD286The Bible Warns Against Strong Drink, part 1Proverbs 23:15-356/22/2014
CD287The Bible Warns Against Strong Drink, part 2Proverbs 236/29/2014
CD288Information Becomes RevelationLuke 24:44-537/6/2014
CD289The LordshipHebrews 13:20-217/13/2014
CD290Remember What He Has Done for YouJoshua 237/20/2014
CD291The Heart is DeceitfulJeremiah 17:5-107/27/2014
CD292Keep on DiggingGenesis 26:12-258/3/2014
CD293The Cross is the Answer1 Corinthians 1:17-188/10/2014
CD294Endure Hardship2 Timothy 2:1-78/17/2014